Work out at Work!

Being put through my paces!

I was an enthusiastic participant in the recent “Workout at Work” at the Scottish Parliament.

The event, organised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, gave MSPs and staff the opportunity to learn how to remain fit and flexible during the working day.

Like most people in the modern working world, I spend most of my time behind a desk. Gone are the days of heavy industry, shipbuilding and mass agriculture, when many people worked in tough environments – frequently outdoors – in occupations that were physically demanding.

Whilst this is in some ways a good thing, we have, as a nation, failed to adapt to this new way of working. We still eat food that is high in calories, but, unlike previous generations, we no longer burn it off. Allied to a general lack of exercise in our leisure time, this lifestyle is not conducive to high levels of health and fitness, and these are trends that permeate all levels of society.

The Workout at Work day helped us to see how we can all do more exercise without disrupting our working days. I learned a range of simple exercises and stretches that will enable me to avoid injuries, improve my posture, and improve my fitness, without stepping foot outside the office.

Now I just have to remember to do them!

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